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Her Yoga Secrets (Burn Yoga System) Review – Secrets Revealed!!

[Warning] Zoe’s Her Yoga Secrets is the 3 phase yoga burn system created for women who want to promote natural weight loss without any pills. The real secret of this yoga burn system is called Dynamic Sequencing . It is available in digital as well as hard copy and comes with 2 free bonuses and 60-days money back guarantee.

Do you want to look and feel great? One thing you have to keep in your mind that you can’t look great if you keep relying on pills and medicines. With the help of Yoga, many female celebrities are losing weight and improving their overall body shape. Additionally, by developing a habit of yoga you can improve the balance between mind and body.

Yoga for Weight LossThankfully, we females have great flexible body and by stretching and bending, we can reap the benefits of yoga. However, Yoga gurus are very expensive and it is nearly impossible for females like you and me to learn Yoga from them. Additionally, the information that is available all over the internet is either ineffective or they are incomplete.

But thankfully,

Zoe Bray-Cotton (certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and female body transformation specialist) has launched new program called Her Yoga Secrets (sometime called Yoga Burn System) that promises to teach you <strong>how to boost metabolism, flatten your belly and tighten your yoga booty in just 12-weeks</strong>.

These days there is huge buzz about this yoga system all over the internet. Since I love yoga that is why I decided to purchase this system myself to see if does live up to its claims. After testing it for 2 months I am back to write down my own Her Yoga Secrets review in which you will find basic info about this system, its main techniques, bonuses, pros/cons and my final verdict.

I hope this Her Yoga Secrets review will clear your all doubts and you able to take intelligent buying decision. If you want to join this system then make sure to use this special link to get this complete system with 60-days money back guarantee for just $37.

Let’s start talking about this yoga system.

What is Her Yoga Secrets?

This is the 12-week yoga system by Zoe Bray Cotton for all those women who want to burn fat and improve overall body figure in natural way. In other words, this yoga system will not only help you in burning fat but also help you in building a perfect feminine body in safe and natural way.

Her Yoga SecretsHer Yoga Secrets is based on the trademark technique known as “Dynamic Sequencing”. This Dynamic Sequencing is designed in such a way that you will never get bored or hit plateau. Additionally, this trademark technique will help you in designing your own yoga routine base on your own capabilities. Truly speaking, I never saw any yoga system that provides this type of customization.

This Dynamic Sequencing technique is unique and to make it easy to understand Zoe has divided this technique into three different phrases that contain 15 follow-along videos on how to perform yoga effectively and combine different yoga poses collectively to get maximum benefits of yoga.

Additionally, Zoe Bray-Cotton has created short video in which she revealed more about this Dynamic Sequencing technique. Watch this short-video below:


Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray CottonZoe Bray-Cotton is the top yoga instructor who has helped numerous women in getting best shape of their life. Additionally, Zoe is also certified personal trainer and female body transformation expert who is helping women since many years.

In different cities of North America, Zoe has taught many different forms of Yoga moves. Zoe decided to create Yoga Burn after receiving complaints from women about Yoga instruction classes.

Inside this program, Zoe has designed trademark technique called Dynamic Sequencing that is the real secret of this program. This trademark technique is designed to work on women body and speed up metabolism.

3 Phrases of Her Yoga Secrets:

Phase 1 – Foundational Flow:

This is the 4 week phase in which you will learn how to build great foundation to achieve great results from yoga. The main objective of this phase is to help you in building great foundation for phase two and three yoga exercises.

This phase will also help you in building muscle lean that will burn extra calories. Although it is recommend to perform yoga moves of this phase in morning but I don’t recommend doing any yoga move with empty stomach. Make sure you eat or drink something before starting your yoga session.

This phase will let you connect your muscles groups with your mind so that you can easily train any of your muscle group with yoga poses explained in next two phases.

Phase 2 – Transitional Flow:

In this phase, you will learn simple and easy way to combine foundational yoga moves in a powerful sequence so that your metabolism will perform on its peak and body will burn more calories.

Once you easily start performing this powerful sequence of foundational yoga moves, you will get additional yoga moves to mix it up and avoid hitting workout plateau. These new yoga moves are little bit difficult than foundational moves because they target large muscle groups. These new yoga moves are divided into Upper body, Lower Body and Core.

By connecting Transitional yoga moves with foundational yoga moves, you will start feeling great from inside which will increase your confidence sharply.

Phase 3 – Mastery Flow:

This is my most favorite phase of this entire system because in this system you will start noticing change in your body. I recommend this phase to every women because we are always concern about our feminine figure and this is the phase in which you will get body shape that you always desire to have.

Having perfect body shape is not only about impressing someone special instead, it gives great boost in confidence and give us look that we always want to have.

In this phase, you will learn to blend all moves that you learn previously in phase one and two. Additional moves that you find in this phase will teach you how to get rid of stubborn fat from your body in just two months and give your body a completely new look.

All these three phases will take 3 months to complete and after these three months you will see change in your body. Beside these three phases, you will also get two bonus videos that are completely free of cost.

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Bonus #1 – Follow-Along Audio Classes:

In this bonus video, you will discover tips and tools that you can use in between three phases to maximize the benefits of each yoga session. Additionally, in this video Zoe has provided different resources that you can use to improve your performance.

Bonus #2 – The Tranquility Flow:

This powerful bonus video focuses on providing great stress relieving yoga moves. Most women think every yoga move reduce stress which is totally wrong. Some yoga moves can do totally opposite and increase Cortisol level (stress hormone) in the body. This is the reason it is always important to perform right yoga moves if you want to lower your stress level.

Strong Points:

Created By Expert:

It is good to see yoga program from professional yoga instructor. These days there are many weight loss program that are created by authors who don’t know anything about weight loss but thankfully Zoe is certified yoga instructor and with the help of her instructions you can use yoga to burn fat from your body.

60-Days Money Back Guarantee:

If you really want to test out great benefits of yoga then I recommend you to grab the copy of Zoe’s Her Yoga Secrets because it comes with 60-days money back guarantee. In 60 days if you don’t feel any benefit then you can return the program back to Zoe and you get full money back.

Can Be Perform Anywhere and Anytime:

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that you can start performing yoga moves anywhere in your house with or without yoga mat. However, I recommend yoga mat for safety purpose. Additionally, it is good to perform yoga moves where you get direct sunlight and fresh air.


According to recent estimation, yoga gurus charge on average $50 for just 5 classes in United States but Zoe is allowing full life time access to her yoga program in just $39. Additionally, you can contact Zoe and ask any question regarding yoga without paying extra money.

Two Powerful Bonuses:

I saw many programs that contain useless bonuses but two bonuses that you will get in this program are really helpful. I personally like to finish my yoga session with Tranquility flow as they are short and it feels like big burden is lifted from my shoulders after performing them.

Weak Points:

Need Patience and Dedication:

Although Yoga is proven technique for weight loss but it is important to understand that Yoga is not the quick fix technique. If you love Yoga then you have to keep in mind that it may take some months to get any sign of weight loss. Similarly, Zoe’s program is also based on Yoga so it will take some months for you to see results.

Not For Yoga Professionals:

If you are professionally teaching yoga to other students then you will find nothing new in this program. Zoe designed this program mainly for women who want to lose weight without any intense workout routine.

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Final Verdict:

Many researches and studies proved that it is possible to burn fat by practicing yoga moves. Additionally, the weight you will lose with yoga will never come back again because yoga is natural and safe way for burning fat.

Thankfully, Zoe has created home-based yoga program that you can use to burn fat and improve your overall body appearance as well doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience about yoga. Additionally, keep in mind that you have full 60 days to test out Her Yoga Secrets and if you don’t get any results within 60 days then simply return it and get your money back. This is the best opportunity to get maximum benefits from yoga and enjoy wonderful life.

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